Vacation Bible School was so much fun!

This was one of the first times I was going to drop off my 4yo in a group setting. She was a bit nervous. I know this because:

  1. She had me read Lama Lama Misses Mama, which is about Little Lama being dropped of at school for the first time. Every night for a week she told me "I am never doing that!"
  2. Sunday night she announced that she needed her own cell phone so she could call me if she needed anything...like to come home right away.
  3. She played "going to school" with her bath toys where they were all crying for their moms. 
So, when we got there on Monday, I kissed her on top of her scowling head, I wished her teacher good luck, and headed out. 

The day went well. I couldn't quite read her teacher's expression when I picked her up, but we agreed that she has one very strong personality that will hopefully serve her well someday.

Yes, I am choosing to look at that as a compliment. 

The older two also had a fantastic time. Both were in groups with old friends and came home talking a mile a minute about the games, crafts, snacks, and the music. It was complete organized chaos!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were bliss! I dropped them off without incident and enjoyed a few hours of sweet alone time. My husband took me out for brunch and we went window shopping on one day. I tell you, it was NICE!

Wednesday night my four-year-old came down with a fever, so she had to miss out on the last two days of VBS. Yet another reason I don't miss school - my kids don't bring home every virus that happens to be making its rounds. She was really down about it too. She had come to really love her teacher and group. The other two are down with it now. Luckily, it seems to last only a few days. Oh, well. That's life! At least I'm not having to read anymore stories about sad little lamas.

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  1. Awww... your daughter sounds so sweet!! It sounds like you got a few nights to yourselves too, that's awesome!