Hoping for a Simple Summer

Each summer I want to reign in our schedules, tie up all the loose ends, and let ourselves get bored. Slowing down and taking it all in is not the natural state of being in this society, and I find it takes effort. Mostly, that effort comes from saying the word 

If it spreads us too thin, takes too much time or money, the result is usually more stress in the end anyway. Time to simplify our summer. Here are a few of the things we are choosing to spend our time on this summer:

My List: Write. Garden. Read. Complete old projects (including school). Organize (always on the list). 

My Kids' List: Swim. Work on projects (including school). See their schooled friends often.

No doubt we will do lots of other fun things that are not on this list, but only if it doesn't spread us too thin. How are you prioritizing your summer? Some families enjoy running at top speed while others need the quiet times. Does your summer reflect what you need?

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