Do your kids swim? Mine are learning. I would like to have them all take lessons, but I haven't found a cost effective class yet. With three kids at three different levels, well, it adds up quickly. Time for Plan B, exposure, exposure, exposure!

We've been going to the YMCA since February. When we started none of my kids were confident in the water. Now, my oldest has passed a swim test and can come and go freely in the pool. My son can swim pretty well, but doesn't use strokes yet so he sticks to the shallow end.

That leaves me to my youngest and even she is getting better. She can play in the kiddie pool and go down the little kiddie slide by herself. When she gets into the big pool, she wears a life jacket and is getting a very good feel for the water.

It wasn't long ago that I was chasing toddlers and not letting them out of my sight for a minute. I must say, I like being able to sit on the edge and relax a bit. Oh, I still do the head count (one, two, three... one, two, three) but now, I do that while sitting in the sun and *gasp!* relaxing a bit. I still hope to get them in lessons someday, but for now the kids are getting better and having a great time. We're good with that.

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