10 Things To Do This Summer (Free or Almost Free)

1. Free: Picnic at a State Park. Find a park, any park and pack a picnic lunch. Don't forget the bug spray.

2. $1.00 Movies at Regal Theaters. Just be forewarned, if your kids have to have the snacks that go along with a trip to the movies, the regular movie prices apply which no longer makes it a bargain in my opinion.

3. Bass Pro Shop has free workshops and activities for kids in the summer.

4. Lowe's Free Build and Grow activities are held once a month all year long. You may need to call ahead to reserve a spot.

5. Splashing in the sprinklers is never a dull day.

6. Take a tour of local production plants. Here in Nashville, Purity Dairy and Nissan top the list.

7. Library Reading Program. It's a free program with a day of fun promised for doing something we do anyway!

8. Plant something and watch it grow. Enjoy a flower or eat a vegetable that you grew yourself. It is a very rewarding experience.

9. Pick your own fruits and vegetables at a local farm. While technically not free, you are spending your money on food that you need anyway. Why not make a day of it and let the kids see where their food come from.

10. Lego Free Builds are every month at the Lego Stores. Anyone who loves legos knows that free legos are very rare!

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