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My preschooler is ready for her own school curriculum. At this age, we are focusing on reading, printing, and basic math concepts. Arts and crafts are relied upon heavily as well as having more advanced books read aloud to her. She may not be ready for the books we have purchased yet, but we plan to attempt them when she seems ready.

Fourth Grade

My fourth grader will continue his current curriculum with the addition of Life of Fred as a math supplement. In addition to the curriculum, he will be working steadily with electronics and programing. After my insisting that he learn about music in some way, my son has called my bluff and asked to learn drums. My husband agreed, so I will be trying to make that happen this year too. 

Sixth Grade

My sixth grader will continue with Rod and Staff grammar even though she would prefer a more secular program. After reviewing several options she had agreed that it is a solid grammar text and the best choice for now. We are both excited about starting Writing With Skill because it is designed to be primarily self directed, something she and I are both looking for at this age. No other changes are being made to her texts. We changed music programs this past year and are thrilled with her new teacher. She will continue to focus on fiddle while keeping classical violin involved too. 

Decisions, Decisions....

I still am working on science. I have looked at several options and still have not been completely satisfied with what I find. I am also deciding between All About Reading and Explode the Code for my preschooler. 


Language Arts




Several products are being considered. 

Foreign Language

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