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Here are some great articles I enjoyed this week. If you follow me through Facebook, you may have seen a couple of these. If you don't, there are a lot more than just these over there. Have a great weekend!

The Strongest Women In America Lives In Poverty With the Olympics on the horizon, this article about one of the US's top chances at gold, touches on an even larger issue: Is image still everything?

10 Things I Want my Daughter to Know Before She Turns 10 or in my case before my daughter turns 12, is one I read aloud to my daughter. I don't know how much of it sank in, but it won't be the last time I go over these points with her.

The Homeschool Scientist explains the Higgs boson and why it matters to us all. It isn't every day a major scientific discovery happens.

The Chemistry of Fireworks is a great video to follow up with your children if they have ever asked how on earth they make those glorious fireworks.

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