The Cicadas have Emerged! (run for your lives!!!!)

Here in Nashville, it is the 13 year invasion of the highly annoying cicada. You can't go outside without getting them in your hair or crunching them underfoot. Of course, you won't hear them crunch too much over their noise. Click on this link to hear the chorus and imagine stepping outside and having that surround you. Or, you can go here to hear some individuals.
My daughter is fascinated with their castoff shells. She has jars of them. She insists on keeping them in her room.  I am less than thrilled.

Give them a week and we will be sweeping piles of them off our decks. As we regain our sense of hearing, we'll all take a deep breath and boast about our trials and tribulations for another 13 years until once again the little beasts come out to

Not my video, but it is exactly what we are dealing with. 


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is just crazy! I just stumbled on your blog, and it is lovely. I love finding other homeschooling moms in the bloggy world!

    Be Blessed.

  2. Did you grow up with these, Jennifer? I did and so seeing them every so many years (is it really 13?) is such a wonderful memory!

    Strangely it is like a fun little Christmas time - all those little shells stuck to stuff.

    I'm with your daughter on this one - fun!

    Oh - and if you want something you're teaching to really stick with her, now's the time to teach it. And use those disgusting shells. It will build a wonderful link in her memory.

  3. Bon, I did grow up with these, but as they only really swarm every 13 years, I only really remember two other swarms. We see a few shells every year... the rebel cicadas that are off the swarm cycle, and she started her collection with those.
    I completely agree that is is a great teaching tool! She has a very curious disposition. I'm thrilled that these little beasties are sparking her interest. She also is developing a sense of independence lately that I am thrilled about. However, if I were to actually encourage her to collect them, she'd abandon the project immediately!

    One last note: My daughter commented just yesterday that the blog should read : SING, MATE, LAY EGGS, AND DIE.... This sparked a very interesting debate as to wether laying eggs is intuitive to the mating process. She argued that the singing was just a part of mating too. I agreed. I LOVE it when she can develop a well thought out logical discussion.

    Thank you for reading and your comment!

  4. Oh my...We were in Franklin area just a couple weeks ago. My hubby works out of Cool Springs area. The cicadas caught us off guard when we got there. Drove the boys crazy all week (they are both on the Autism Spectrum)...but we still had a good time (as usual..we love that area and are there a few times a year)!

    New follower!! Thanks for visiting our blog!

  5. Renita, Thank you for following! Love your blog too! The cicadas are finally disappearing now. My son is in a summer bug camp right now and learned that only the males make noise...now, why isn't that surprising? :)