My oldest had a violin audition last night. I think I was more nervous than she. This wasn't her first audition but it was her biggest one so far. She is a current member of the Nashville Suzuki Players (NSP), a nonprofit organization that travels to events and schools to spread the joy of music. The group has played all over the southeast and the list of people and places they have preformed for is impressive and growing.

Opening for the Oak Ridge Boys
On one of their tours they made a recording at a studio as part of a morning show. Their director, Thornton Cline, sent it off to Disney to see if they could play for them. Disney contacted Mr. Cline and they arranged a performance for this fall. The catch? In order to ensure the group playing is representative of the group from the video, the group's size has to be nearly the same (+/- 3players). To be in the NSP, you have to audition for each tour season.
A school in Memphis, TN
Everyone, no matter how experienced or how many previous tours they have under their belt, has to audition for the next season in front of an outside professional judge. This is usually a bit nerve wracking, but she has done it before and knows what to expect. In order to be a member you have to score above a minimum score and you are in. This time is different because of the cut off number for the Disney tour. Yes, some will not make the Disney tour even if they do have scores high enough for the NSP. So, the pressure is on.
A week ago she was nailing it, but as time drew close she began to freeze up. Half way through a song she'd miss notes and look up shocked and confused. I told her to relax, she knows it, and she'll be fine. Inside I was praying for God to give her confidence and settle her nerves. The morning of her audition her scales were off. She was over reaching a note. She corrected her mistake, but her confidence took another hit. I told her to go outside and play. When it was time she could warm up a bit before before the audition. I knew if she went in there and played slowly and deliberately she could do well.
Once there, some of her friends were there and they were all twittering about. Moving between the practice rooms and the lobby with an electrifying energy. These kids have really bonded over the tours. Oh, it will be so hard to not have them all go to Disney! There were two audition dates set and this was the first. It soon became obvious that most of the group had opted for the later audition date and more practice time. Eventually, the judge arrived and was ready. One by one they took their turn. One by one they each did well. Now we wait. It will be a few weeks before we find out the results but it's all done now. I for one and glad to have it behind us!

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