Breaking out of Boredom: 4 ways to shake up the learning

1. Board Game Day
Gather up your board games and play them one by one for a day. Are you missing any pieces? Can you make them yourself? Was the game fun? With as many educational games we homeschoolers collect, the day will be full of learning and fun! If the kids didn't like any of the games (complete games only!) then pass them on or consign them. No use letting them take up valuable shelf or closet space!
2. Chefs for a Day
We all know that a kitchen is the heart of the home. It can be the heart of home learning too! Start the day with each child coming up with something they would like to bake or cook for the day. You may have to help them with this so you don't end up with three or four desserts and no meal after cooking all day! Have them look up recipes and ingredients. Make a list of what you need and head to the grocery. Looking for labels, fresh produce, and bargains will be more fun when they know that they are doing this for their own dishes. I have found that it is better to have one main chef with a sous chef on standby if needed. If the smallest of my crew gets bored, I let her play with Play Doh (her favorite) at the table  while I focus on the chef. Lots of learning goes on in a day like this. If you have the time to plan a bit more, check out some cooking themed books for the kids to look through during the down times.
3. Go for a Walk
I know, it's cold. I know, it's rainy, snowy, windy, gray.... it's February for goodness sake! Go outside anyway! Unless it is storming, dress for it and head out! Take a camera. Look for signs of spring. It doesn't have to be all day and it doesn't have to be a power walk, just stroll. Keep pace with your slowest child and enjoy the moment.
4. Be the Student
Tell the child that they will teach you for a day. For my oldest, this means I usually get a lesson in Ancient Egypt or Japanese culture. I enjoy trying to stump her throughout the day with my questions for the teacher. My middle child enjoys setting up school and playing and my youngest enjoys being a student with mom. With some creative questioning, we usually learn a lot.  This game helps my children be more empathetic to how much effort goes into a day of learning.

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