Spring Fever

There was a lovely warm snap a few days ago. We all got outside and cleaned up the yard a bit, played a bit, and planned a garden a bit. The kids are old enough to be a real help with this project. My yard is not huge and some trees that I love have eliminated any hope of tilling the soil; their roots are just everywhere! I hope to build a raised bed. The only sunny spot I have will be just large enough to try a few things. I wanted to make sure I got my seeds from a farm that takes care to preserve heirloom species. I chose several interesting varieties from New Hope Seed Company. I then found a great website on organic gardening that showed how to make seed pots from newspaper. I lined some old cereal boxes with foil to water proof them and now have 40 pepper plants in my kitchen window.  I may not have room for them all in my little backyard garden, but I'll have fun finding homes for any extras.

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