Back in the Swing of Things

School is in again! Routines are back up and the kids are reading, writing, and 'rithmatickin' away! I've made up daily sheets for my kids and hung them on the refrigerator to help us all to remain focused. I really like getting all core bookwork done before lunch with science, history, and languages left for the afternoon. They seem to take direction better from a preset schedule than a mother who could be just making it up to keep them busy. They like a plan and perhaps more importantly, an end. I've also discovered that the earlier I get the daily chores and violin practice out of the way, the happier my oldest is for the remainder of the day. For a child who vows to love playing violin, she sure gives tons of grief over practicing it! My youngest has surprised me too. No longer will she be content to play or color while the others do their schoolwork. She wants in on this mommy monopolizing activity called school! And she is being quite specific in her demands. If the others are doing language arts she wants to work on her letters. Math means it is time to bring out her own numbers book and counting games. Although she still plays quietly while we are reading from our history book, she insists on having her own coloring pages and doing a project too. I love it!

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