Sometimes, You're the Bug.

Okay, sometimes it is inspiring to read blogs about how to do homeschooling well. Other days, I just want to feel like there are others out there struggling too.

Today is violin day. We travel quite a distance to lessons so the day is planned around the trip with lots of errands plotted out and books on CD for the car. 8:00am: the teacher calls and moves the lesson to tomorrow. Shift today's schedule for tomorrow's.

House is a mess and I am feeling the pressure to clean. The lessons need attention too because I will be out of the house tomorrow. The house is undergoing repairs and I need to paint a section before the guy can hang the gutters. I decide to check facebook.

One hour later, I fuss at myself for avoiding the work and decide to rotate the jobs. Clean. Lessons. Paint. Clean. Lessons. Paint. I make the beds and clean the kitchen. I give all three kids their All About Spelling Lesson. I look at the clock and realize I have to run to the store before lunch. Thankfully, my husband agrees to keep an eye on them while he works. I make sure they are busy and dash to the store.

I get back, now it is time for lunch. Burn the pizza and my arm.

Lunch is over. Where was I? Oh, okay, cleaning. I clean the kitchen and call the oldest in to start her language arts lesson while I begin to file some old papers. She can't find her books. I go help her find her books (behind the couch) and start her on her lesson.

Where was I? Oh, okay, cleaning. I straighten the living room and put away a jigsaw puzzle that has been completed on the coffee table for a few days. Realize someone spilled water on it.

Language arts is done. History is next for the entire crew, painting projects are taken out. I set them up and walk away. They spill the paint water on the rug. I clean up the spill. The littlest is in tears. I tell the older two to clean up the paint. I am dabbing the carpet and hear the water spraying in the kitchen and my middle child yelling "Oh, no!" over and over. It gets quiet and I hear, "Don't worry mom! I got it all taken care of! Do you have a towel? A BIG one?"

After the floor is mopped, I set the kids down for a documentary on Netflix so I can get some blogging done to calm my nerves. I ask my husband to help me with a computer related question. He agrees and comes to the living room but stops by the kitchen on the way. He opens the refrigerator door and the new carton of eggs I bought today hits the floor.

It is now 6:00pm and I am sitting down to blog about my crazy, crazy day. Not all days are like this. Today was a particularly bad one. Still, a few lessons got done and there is food in the house (well, only three eggs, but that's okay). I had a good friend drop by and the pleasant conversation really helped. Life goes on and all is well. I am really glad this day is done.

Except, I completely forgot to paint.

And then the water heater flooded the garage....

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