Learning with Legos

Jelly Bean is working on programming the WeDo creation.
My son loves Legos. Imagine my delight in finding wonderful opportunities to teach with them. Here are a few of the things we are doing.

Our Junior First Lego League team consists of a few homeschooled kids ages 5-9 who design new creations, work on their presentation project, explore Lego education kits, and generally have a blast!

Snickers is enjoying creating with bricks from a team member's collection.
The kids take turns building a model according to the original design and running the demo programs. It doesn't take long for their mind to leap ahead and start experimenting with variations. They each get time to adjust the gears and alter the programming. Often they already have an idea what their alterations will do. When they are surprised by the result it only adds to the learning fun as they figure out why.

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